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iKapa Concrete Wine tanks

Today sees history in the making with the introduction of the first locally produced square precast concrete wine tanks by iKapa Concrete to the wine industry.

Nickname Blake and Kian (grandsons), tanks have a capacity of 2550 litre with internal dimensions, width 1370 x depth 1370 x height 1300 mm. Wall thickness 150 to 120 mm. Blake comes with a 1000 mm stainless steel top hatch casted into a precast concrete cover 120 mm thick and Kian has an open top (kuip).

Due to the high density concrete mix design the tanks are not porous and a variety of colours are optional on the outside walls. Epoxy coated lining on the inside is optional.

Stainless steel fittings from Italy.

Six Blake tanks were manufactured and has been installed at Alheit Vineyards, Hemelrand, Hemel en Aarde Ridge, Walker Bay.

iKapa Concrete Wine tanks

Our concrete wine tanks are designed to optimise the characteristics that our egg shaped tanks offer. The unique shape encourages flow during fermentation, with the slightly porous surface allowing sufficient oxygen into the tank to enhance the fermentation process. This is similar to the fermentation process in wooden barrels, without the default oak aroma. Our advantage is a vessel of a much longer product life. The fermentation process in our concrete tanks results in a smoother, well rounded flavour.

Manufactured from high quality raw materials, our tanks do not rely on internal coatings to provide these ideal conditions for making quality wine. They are manufactured in the Western Cape, in a factory that is compliant with SANS standards. All our tanks are built in accordance with ISO 9001.

Specification of concrete tanks

  • Ordinary Portland Cement
  • Washed Granite Stone
  • Washed Dune Sand
  • Polypropylene Micro Fibres
  • Chlorine Free Water
  • 40 Mpa Concrete
  • Wall Thickness 80mm - 120mm
  • Stainless Steel Fittings from Italy, grade 304 and 316
  • Stainless Steel Adjusters on all legs (Optional)
  • No chemical additives

Our tanks are manufactured with 40 Mpa fibre reinforced special design concrete made of chlorine free water.

The products carries a 10 year structural warrantee against cracking.

Tank Specs
1520 Lit
1950 Kg
1,67m x 1,67m x 1,54m
2530 Lit
5702 Kg
1,67m x 1.67m x 1,54m  (open top)
2530 Lit
5702 Kg